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Supermax: 1x1

Capitulo 1

12 people with varied problems with the law are selected to take part of a reality show in an isolated maximum security prison in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, competing for the ultimate prize of R$ 2 million. While a series of short videos introducing the participants are shown, Pedro Bial welcomes the team and explains some of the rules: the winner of every test is allowed to choose when, what and who is going to eat; when a certain sound goes off, everybody has 5 minutes to get back to their cells, or else they are eliminated; there is no form of contact with the outside world other than a red telephone that can only be used in case of emergencies, and whose user will be automatically eliminated. Bial asks the participants to pick up a stick from a hand hanging from a wall. The one who takes the short stick will have a secret revealed to everyone. Diana is the one and it is revealed that she shot her husband dead amidst a discussion. Later, they enjoy a party prepared by the production team. Some chat about their lives before the program and some take the time to explore the facilities. Sérgio and Artur provoke each other and almost start a fight, but José Augusto reminds them that fighting is punished with elimination. In the next morning, they awake to their first test, in which they are all confined inside a metallic box that gets gradually hotter. Artur and Sérgio are the last men standing. They provoke each other again and start a fight.

Apr. 04, 2017